Manage your notifications by navigating to Settings > Accounts > Notifications.

Manage Alerts

The "Send Me Alerts" toggle connects you to alerts sent to your teams. If you've toggled "Send Me Alerts" on, that setting serves as your default for each project. You can also fine tune your alerts according to project by choosing between "default," "on," or "off."

Workflow Notifications

Workflow Notifications are emails sent for issue state changes. Your default choices for notifications are "Always," "Only On Issues I Subscribe To," and "Never." You can also fine tune your workflow notifications according to project by choosing "Default," "Always," "Only On Issues I Subscribe To," or "Never."

Various workflow related activities within Sentry will generate a workflow notification to the relevant team members via email. Core workflow notifications include:

  • Issue Resolved - When a new issue is spotted in your code, it's marked with an unresolved state. The state changes to resolved when a project team member resolves it (either by manually changing its state in the UI or by submitting a fix) or when the project’s auto-resolve feature is configured. Once the state changes to resolved, an email is sent to all project team members.

  • Regressions – A regression happens when the state of an issue changes from resolved back to unresolved. An email is sent to all project team members.

  • Comments - When a team member adds a new comment to an issue's Comments thread.

  • Assignment - When a team member is assigned to an issue, they are notified via email.

For more details, see the full Notifications documentation.

Email Routing

Email routing controls the email address to which notifications are sent for each project. These notifications default to the email address provided when you set up your Sentry account. You can route emails to an alternative email address when, for example, you want to notify only the team associated with a specific project.

Weekly Reports

Weekly reports are sent by Sentry every week on Mondays. Reports contain a summary of your organization's Sentry activity over the last week. You can fine tune your Weekly Reports by turning reports on or off for each organization.

Deploy Notifications

Deploy emails are sent to users who have committed to the release that was deployed. Your default choices are "Always," "Only on Deploys with My Commits," and "Never."

My Activity

Receive notifications about your specific activity while using Sentry and on any changes on unclaimed issues you've resolved.

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