Control Data Truncation

Currently, every tag has a maximum character limit of 200 characters. Tags over the 200 character limit will become truncated, losing potentially important information. To retain this data, you can split data over several tags instead.

For example, a 200+ character tagged request:

The 200+ character request above will become truncated to:

Instead, using span.set_tag and span.set_data preserves the details of this query using structured metadata. This could be done over baseUrl, endpoint, and parameters:

const baseUrl = "";
const endpoint = "/api/0/projects/ep/setup_form";
const parameters = {
  user_id: 314159265358979323846264338327,
  tracking_id: "EasyAsABC123OrSimpleAsDoReMi",
  product_name: PlantToHumanTranslator,
  product_id: 161803398874989484820458683436563811772030917980576,

const span = transaction.startChild({
  op: "request",
  description: "setup form",

span.setTag("baseUrl", baseUrl);
span.setTag("endpoint", endpoint);
span.setData("parameters", parameters);
// you may also find some parameters to be valuable as tags
span.setData("user_id", parameters.user_id);
http.get(`${base_url}/${endpoint}/`, (data = parameters));
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