Sentry added support for react-native builds that use the hermes engine, which required changes to the sentry SDK, sentry-cli as well as Sentry itself.

Sentry customers using the SaaS product ( will need to update the SDK, and sentry-cli. The minimum required version for the SDK is @sentry/react-native SDK version 1.3.3, and @sentry/cli version 1.5.1.

For Sentry open source, self-hosted users, the minimum version required is f07352b.

Other than making sure you have the minimum version of the SDK, Sentry itself is all you need besides the standard integration described in the React Native Sentry documentation.

Custom SourceMaps

The combination of @sentry/react-native and @sentry/cli should integrate correctly into the react-native build pipeline to find and upload the correct source map.

However, care must be taken to upload the correct source map when manually bundling and building React Native apps.

Building Hermes bundles is a three-step process, each of which creates a different source map.

  1. Bundling / minifying using metro:
  2. Compiling to bytecode using hermes:
  3. Merging SourceMaps using compose-source-maps: + =>

It is important to upload the third SourceMap ( via sentry-cli.

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