Event and Breadcrumb hints are objects containing various information used to put together an event or a breadcrumb. For events, those are things like event_id, originalException, syntheticException (used internally to generate a cleaner stack trace), and any other arbitrary data that a user attaches. For breadcrumbs, it's all implementation dependent. For XHR requests, hint contains the xhr object itself. For user interactions, it contains the DOM element and event name, etc.

They're available in two places: beforeSend/beforeBreadcrumb and eventProcessors. Those are the two ways we'll allow users to modify what we put together.

Hints for Events

The original exception that created the event. This is useful for changing how events are grouped, or to extract additional information.

When a string or a non-error object is raised, Sentry creates a synthetic exception so you can get a basic stack trace. This exception is stored here for further data extraction.

Hints for Breadcrumbs

level / input
For breadcrumbs created from console log interceptions, this holds the original console log level and the original input data to the log function.

request / response / event
For breadcrumbs created from HTTP requests, this holds the request and response object (from the node HTTP API) as well as the node event (response or error).

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