The Native SDK uses Transports to send event payloads to Sentry. The default transport depends on the target platform:

  • Windows: WinHTTP
  • Linux: Curl
  • macOS: Curl

To specify a custom transport, use the sentry_options_set_transport function and supply a transport that implements the sentry_transport_t interface.

#include <sentry.h>

void custom_transport(sentry_envelope_t *envelope, void *state) {
   * Send the event here. If the transport requires state, such as an HTTP
   * client object or request queue, it can be specified in the `state`
   * parameter when configuring the transport. It will be passed as second
   * argument to this function.
   * The transport takes ownership of the `envelope`, and must free it once it
   * is done.

int main(void) {
  void *transport_state = 0;

  sentry_options_t *options = sentry_options_new();
  sentry_transport_t *transport = sentry_transport_new(custom_transport);
  sentry_transport_set_state(transport, transport_state);

  sentry_options_set_transport(options, transport);

  /* ... */

The transport is invoked in the same thread as the call to sentry_capture_event. Consider to offload network communication to a background thread or thread pool to avoid blocking execution.

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